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Airports Dealing With Serious Issues In Addition to Holiday Rush

Airports Dealing With Serious Issues In Addition to Holiday Rush

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. Groceries are being purchased in bulk, gifts are being wrapped, and millions of people are traveling across the country to see their families. So far this holiday season, airports have seen an increase in franticness.

Currently, there are national airports located within 31 states and they all focus on safety and efficiency throughout the year. Unfortunately, air travel also has a well deserved reputation for extreme inconvenience and long, unexpected delays. And during the 2017 holiday travel season, you can expect more of the same. A few airports in particular, however, have been struggling to keep everything running properly after some recent scares.

The Clinton National Airport in Little Rock, Arkansas is dealing with some major issues on top of the holiday travel rush. According to KATV, an airplane was forced to perform an emergency landing just before midnight at the Clinton National Airport. The aircraft’s pilot, Greg Hatcher of Little Rock, noticed the brakes were not properly functioning during the landing and said that the malfunction caused him to turn the plane towards a grassy area at the end of the airport’s runway.

The flight was from Las Vegas to Little Rock and the Federal Aviation Administration is currently investigating the incident. Luckily, no one was injured on the flight.

Another airline holiday scare came in Arlington County, Virginia at Reagan National Airport.

According to The Washington Post, on Thanksgiving morning, a Fairfax County man tried to board a flight with a loaded handgun.

Shortly after 6 a.m., TSA officers noticed the handgun in a carry-on bag during an X-ray screen. The airport police confiscated the .32 caliber gun, which had eight bullets, and cited the man on state weapons charges.

On a national scale, the TSA discovered 67 loaded guns in carry-on bags during Thanksgiving week alone, and roughly 3,400 last year.

As more and more people travel throughout December and January, airport security will surely increase its security to ensure safe travel for everyone.