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Ice Fishing Season Dawns And Avid Anglers Are Bringing Their Families

Salt Lake City residents are anxiously awaiting the day ice crystals form and solidify their treasured Salt Lake so they can take to the frozen tundra and start the ice fishing season. Normally one would see ice fishing as a trying, taxing chore only undertaken by the most winter-hardened fishermen. This season, though, the lake […]

Controversial Walmart Shoplifting Solution Scrapped Due To Outrage

Walmart has ended a highly controversial program that forced shoplifters to either pay Walmart hundreds of dollars or face the consequences from police. In the past, Walmart has described this program as an educational opportunity about the consequences of shoplifting, without the threat of having a criminal charge on your record. The public saw it […]

Why Drinking Tap Water is Good for Children’s Teeth

A new study has suggested that tap water might actually enhance personal health and reduce risk of cavities in children. According to Daily Mail, a study out of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill says that most tap water is treated with fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Considering that at least […]

Sudden Excessive Sweating Could Signal Imminent Heart Attack

Health professionals might have a new heart attack warning sign to watch for, according to Economic Times. Sweating, in a time of little or no physical activity, could be a precursor to cardiac arrest. This is due to the heart having restricted blood flow to the body, forcing your heart to work harder. As a […]

Global Report Finds Hong Kong Home to Most Expensive Office Space

Office space has always been an important factor of business, but now, thanks to the rise of technology, that has drastically been altered. The annual Office Space Across The World report showed that Hong Kong is now the world’s most expensive office location. The report took a look at office occupancy costs across 215 office […]

The ‘Uber For Private Jets’ Opens Fancy Flying At A Price

A new startup wants to make your spontaneous travels a little more glamorous. Okay, a lot more glamorous. The affluent traveler wanting to ditch commercial flights may soon be in luck. Houston-based TapJets is basically the Uber for private jets, according to Chron. To hail a private jet, a passenger simply scopes out their flight […]

Scientists Discover New X-Ray Optics With Record Resolutions

A revolutionary discovery was just made in the scientific community thanks to the development of new novel lenses that work with X-ray microscopy with record-breaking resolution. According to PHYS.org, scientists at DESY have developed novel lenses to help identify previously unseeable details in the nanometre regime. The research team, led by DESY scientist Sasa Bajt, […]

LA’s Happy Place Should Be Your Next Source For Instagram Fodder

In our current political climate, it’s no surprise that people are eager for some much-needed escapism. And if you’re into the whole sunshine-and-rainbows aesthetic — particularly in terms of your social media curation — you’ll probably want to plan a visit to downtown L.A.’s newest pop-up exhibit. Although 18% of people say they usually conceal […]

Airports Dealing With Serious Issues In Addition to Holiday Rush

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. Groceries are being purchased in bulk, gifts are being wrapped, and millions of people are traveling across the country to see their families. So far this holiday season, airports have seen an increase in franticness. Currently, there are national airports located within 31 states and they all […]

Mother Encourages Carbon Monoxide Awareness Following Son’s Death

Each year, hotel and motel fires result in $76 million in property loss. While that statistic is shocking and is something that hotel owners and guests should be aware of, there is something else that anyone traveling should pay attention to in order to prevent the worst from happening: carbon monoxide. Jeannie Williams was staying […]