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‘Tear Down and Build’ Program Being Offered to Florida Homebuyers

There was a time when homes that were constructed hundreds of years ago remained intact, acting as historic staples of their communities and even housing people for further decades. Those times seem to be dwindling, however, as older homes across the U.S. are being torn down and built back up with newer, modernized features. According […]

Social Media Giants Falling Short on Cyber Bullying Policies

Social media giants such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter have been accused of falling short of protecting young users from cyber bullying, even after harassment inquiries are made. Many of these social media sites have a feature that allows a user to report an incident such as cyber bullying, but reports are being ignored. According […]

Big Bank Falls Victim To Data Center Glitch, Causes Enduring Service Outages

A major regional bank based in North Carolina, BBandT, has suffered severe service outages and disruption following a sizable data center hiccough. The service outages in question have left 2.64 million digital banking customers stranded and without access to their funds since early on Thursday the 22nd. ATM transactions and customer phone banking services were […]

Coca-Cola Introducing Major Eco-Friendly Initiatives by 2030

Coca-Cola has joined the recent companies who have announced their plan to become more environmentally friendly. The company announced a new redesign plan for Diet Coke cans along with new Diet Coke flavors. But this announcement is about more than just designs and flavors. The company said that for every can or bottle Coca-Cola sells […]

Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse Of Daughters In Missoula, Montana

A man residing in Missoula County, Montana plead guilty to sexually abusing his daughters on several occasions. His plea resulted in being sentenced to 40 years in prison according to Missoulian. No names have been released to the press as a matter of policy surrounding the incestuous nature of the crime in an effort to […]

Latin America Coffee Growers Choosing Less Expensive Crops

Farmers in Latin America who are known for their high-quality arabica coffee are beginning to plant cheaper crops in order save money. The crop, robusta, is currently outlawed in some countries. In places like Columbia and Costa Rica, farmers have feared the bean will ruin their reputation as suppliers of the world’s best coffee. But […]

The Real Reason Walmart is Closing a Few Sam’s Club Locations

Walmart is shutting down 63 Sam’s Club locations across the country and closing down due to their recent shift to ecommerce. It’s a highly popular tool that just keeps on growing. In fact, it’s expected that retail ecommerce sales in the U.S. will reach $485.27 billion in 2021. Many companies are adding ecommerce capabilities to […]

Ice Fishing Season Dawns And Avid Anglers Are Bringing Their Families

Salt Lake City residents are anxiously awaiting the day ice crystals form and solidify their treasured Salt Lake so they can take to the frozen tundra and start the ice fishing season. Normally one would see ice fishing as a trying, taxing chore only undertaken by the most winter-hardened fishermen. This season, though, the lake […]

Controversial Walmart Shoplifting Solution Scrapped Due To Outrage

Walmart has ended a highly controversial program that forced shoplifters to either pay Walmart hundreds of dollars or face the consequences from police. In the past, Walmart has described this program as an educational opportunity about the consequences of shoplifting, without the threat of having a criminal charge on your record. The public saw it […]

Why Drinking Tap Water is Good for Children’s Teeth

A new study has suggested that tap water might actually enhance personal health and reduce risk of cavities in children. According to Daily Mail, a study out of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill says that most tap water is treated with fluoride, which helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Considering that at least […]