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Big Bank Falls Victim To Data Center Glitch, Causes Enduring Service Outages


A major regional bank based in North Carolina, BBandT, has suffered severe service outages and disruption following a sizable data center hiccough.

The service outages in question have left 2.64 million digital banking customers stranded and without access to their funds since early on Thursday the 22nd.

ATM transactions and customer phone banking services were initially affected as well, but have since been restored.

Ever since the dreaded Equifax breach in late 2017, financial institution customers have been on high alert for the telltale signs of a cybersecurity breach. These justifiably anxious individuals can rest easy for now, though.

Customer concerns over such vulnerabilities did not escape the notice of BBandT spokesperson Brian Davis, who said that “at this time, we have no reason to believe this issue is related to cybersecurity,” according to Bank Rate.

BBandT has 2,100 branch locations in over 15 states and over $220 billion in assets, yet the problem here was reportedly technological in nature.

Little is known about the specifics of the system glitch that caused the problems, but it was said to originate from the bank’s data center.

Data centers, like the one used to fuel BBandT’s digital banking services, are responsible for hosting almost all of the websites people regularly visit, online services people rely on every day, and entertainment individuals consume online.

Every day, 60 billion emails are sent. Even though 97% of them are spam, they get hosted on the cloud.

The cloud, again, is nothing more than data centers hosting content for consumers’ pleasure or utility. It consists of servers, data racks, wires, and a lot of hot and cold air.

Since data centers have a power density 100 times that of a large commercial office building, and the power usage of nine Walmarts, they produce some serious heat.

Keeping that heat in check is no small task. Failure to do so can easily result in the loss of data and services.

Though the details are still hazy regarding BBandT’s specific data center malfunction, it wouldn’t be the first time a service outage occurred because of overheated servers in a data center.

As banking trends ever more towards being stored in the cloud, millions of BBandT customers remain without their online banking services.