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Home Remodeling Projects Can Lead to Serious Relationship Issues

Home Remodeling Projects Can Lead to Serious Relationship Issues

When families decide to remodel their homes, a surprising 35% choose to perform whole home renovations. This can be great for increasing property values, the look and feel of the home, and even a productive way to spend time. There is one major problem with these home renovation jobs, however: they often result in worsening marital problems.

According to Business Insider, performing home renovation projects can be such a contentious issue that it actually leads over 10% of married couples to consider divorce.

“We started running surveys in the early days and got feedback from our community, and that was so prominent,” said Adi Tatarko, CEO and co-founder of Houzz. “And 12% did say, we did consider a divorce during that process.”

Additionally, Reader’s Digest adds that on a scale of one to 10, family therapists rate home remodeling projects at a six in terms of putting stress on a relationship.

Though these home renovation projects can cause major relationship issues, it’s still possible to accomplish these tasks and remain in a happy and healthy relationship. Take it from a few happy couples who are experienced in both renovations and avoiding conflict:

“My life likes to say, ‘We work best together in separate rooms,” said Ed Stawicki.

“Be sure you and your spouse are on the same page,” Paul Bianchini adds. “Don’t even start the remodel if you’re not. Trust me — if you can’t decide on things up front when it’s calm, you certainly won’t be able to when the clock’s ticking, the workers are standing around, and the pressure’s really on!”

“Pick your battles,” added Nancy Hayes. “If it really doesn’t matter to you if the room is blue or yellow, let it go.”

Avoiding arguments during major home renovation projects can be difficult, but as long as both parties are mature and take a few moments to think before they react in anger, the projects should get done and everyone will be able to relax once again.

Remember: if your relationship is in trouble, no amount of home improvement projects will be able to cover it up.