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Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse Of Daughters In Missoula, Montana


Prison interiorA man residing in Missoula County, Montana plead guilty to sexually abusing his daughters on several occasions. His plea resulted in being sentenced to 40 years in prison according to Missoulian.

No names have been released to the press as a matter of policy surrounding the incestuous nature of the crime in an effort to protect the daughters.

One of his pre-teen daughters had come forward to her school counselor in whom she confided that her father had touched her genitals inappropriately. This triggered an anonymous call to the child abuse hotline. It was later discovered that her sister had also suffered the same abuse.

The girls’ father was charged with two counts of sexual assault, and one of rape. As proceedings continued, Missoula County prosecutors added a count of felony incest and changed one of the sexual assault charges to rape.

After realizing that a jury would likely find him guilty, the man took a plea deal that resulted in the mentioned sentencing.

Missoula county sees an average of 3,641 crimes committed yearly with a total population of only 116,130.

That is a lot compared to the national average, especially when you consider the number of those crimes that are violent. On the Neighborhood Scout crime index Missoula received a three out of 100, where 100 is the safest.

You are also more than twice as likely to be raped in Missoula than the national average, and three times as likely to be a victim of theft.

Still, prosecutors are working hard to tackle the tough crime issues countywide. There have been prosecutor retention efforts, a special victim unit was created by a local attorney, and innovative ways to lower prosecution costs in a way that prioritizes violent crime prosecution.

The man who raped his daughters is just one of many criminals that have been recently taken off of Missoula streets.