Home News Manhattan Man Sues Ex-Fiance For $125,000 Diamond Ring

Manhattan Man Sues Ex-Fiance For $125,000 Diamond Ring

Manhattan Man Sues Ex-Fiance For $125,000 Diamond Ring

In the United States, an estimated 40% to 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. About 60% of second marriages fail as well. Some couples, however, never even get that far, and perhaps that’s for the best.

A jilted Manhattan groom is currently suing his ex-fiance for the return of the $125,000 diamond engagement ring he gave her. Bradley Moss, 31, and Amy Bzura, 27, were scheduled to be married last month, but less than a week before the ceremony was supposed to occur, the wedding was called off.

The once happy couple had been dating since 2012 and lived together on the East Side of Manhattan for more than three years. Moss had proposed to Bzura on November 7, 2015, presenting her with a pricey square emerald-cut diamond ring.

Studies show that roughly one-third of diamond jewelry buyers are willing to spend over $1,000. Moss, however, dished out a whole lot more for his betrothed, purchasing a ring that costs as much as a brand new Maserati.

Court documents do not reveal why the engagement was broken, but according to the New York Post, “the suit calls for the return of the ring, or its value in cash, with interest, along with punitive damages determined by the court.”

The lawsuit states that Bzura “has willfully and maliciously refused” to return the ring.

A diamond engagement ring is considered a gift, and in the U.S., gift-giving laws are established at the state level. New York is one of several states that has a no-fault approach regarding engagement ring returns, making the reason for the relationship’s termination irrelevant. In other words, if an engagement is broken, the recipient must give the ring back, regardless of the who, what, or why.

Now, the couple is caught between a rock and a hard place. Though they never did tie the knot, their doomed romance will still end with a court date and a nasty custody battle.