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‘Museum of Ice Cream’ Moves to West Coast

‘Museum of Ice Cream’ Moves to West Coast

is the month that the most ice cream is produced, but that may soon change to March, since the Museum of Ice Cream that opened in New York’s Meatpacking District last July is making its way to the West Coast next month.

The Museum sold 30,000 tickets to hungry ice cream fans in just five short days when it premiered last July, and creators Maryellis Bunn and Manish Vora are heading West to spread the ice cream love.

The official location hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely to open in the Santa Monica or Venice Beach area.

The popularity of the museum stems from its visual appeal. It features a variety of colorful and interactive installations such as edible helium balloons, pills that change your taste buds, and an entire chocolate themed room.

Also likely to make an appearance after their success in New York are the gift shop with the ice cream scoop see-saw and a “miracle berry” candy taste experiment conducted by biomedical engineer Adam Eydelnant — it’s essentially a candy that turns a lemon slice from sour to sweet. The New York location was also known for its wall of waffle cones, and many visitors seized the opportunity to snap some ‘selfies’ to amp up their Instagram.

The main ‘exhibit’, however, will be the sprinkle pool. But be warned — the sprinkles are not actually edible.

While the New York location closed back in August, the Museum’s website is still up and running and sells ice cream-themed accessories. Around $1.1 trillion in sales in 2011 were web-influenced, and a large portion of those sales can probably be attributed to the ice cream loving fans who are keeping the Museum and website in business.

The Los Angeles location is set to open in March, and it’s unknown whether or not the new location will feature the same exhibits seen in the New York location, or if they’ll sweeten the deal with some new exhibits for viewers to feast their eyes. Either way, this is one event that ice cream lovers won’t want to miss.