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The ‘Uber For Private Jets’ Opens Fancy Flying At A Price

The ‘Uber For Private Jets’ Opens Fancy Flying At A Price

A new startup wants to make your spontaneous travels a little more glamorous.

Okay, a lot more glamorous.

The affluent traveler wanting to ditch commercial flights may soon be in luck. Houston-based TapJets is basically the Uber for private jets, according to Chron. To hail a private jet, a passenger simply scopes out their flight options through an app, which offers various deals.

Chron reports that TapJets launched at the end of last year and has coordinated over 480 flights so far.

“Unlike Uber, we don’t set the prices but we do try to find people the lowest prices for travel,” CEO Eugene Kesselman said in a statement to Chron. “Instead of doing it the old-fashioned way, you have the access of all the charter planes inventory available on the app.”

According to Chron TapJets takes 10% of every sale but does not have any membership fees. The passengers pay for the flight time, so flights can cost upwards of $10,000. For a flight the day before Christmas Eve, however, you and your crew could dish out $910. Kesselman told Chron that his company wants to make private jet travel accessible to more than just high profile executives, celebrities, and athletes.

But they are not the only company trying this out. While the United States accounts for 49.7% of the private jet market, Europe makes up 20.8%. Across the pond, a business called Victor is taking a crack at a similar service. They book charter and empty leg flights for their members — and it’s all a click away.

Of course, services like this are missing one crucial element of the appeal of private jets: they are a powerful status symbol, so for some luxury travelers, services like this may miss the point entirely.

“With pricing that appeals to a demographic a couple of percent wider than The 1%, millennials tending to value experiences over material objects and bookings only requiring a phone app instead of an address book of west London-based brokers with whom to negotiate, the private jet hire market is growing (Victor sales revenue has grown 946% over a 4-year period) and starting to entice more than just the Quaalude-popping hedge fund manager or veteran rockstar,” Christopher Hooton writes about Victor in Independent.